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The Growing Amount of Stray Dogs in Brazil

If you are living in suburb areas or residential areas of your community then they are chances that you might have seen some lost dog wandering around the neighborhood. Stray dogs in Brazil have become very common these days. After seeing a stray dog you might first think that whom it belong to. You might want to return it to its owner but you hesitate from taking its responsibility. The best thing to do is to inform the animal control center. If the stray dogs which you notice are aggressive then you might do the following things:

stray dog in brazil

1. You should never scream or run after being confronted with the threatening stray dog. You should rather stand in one place. If you run in front of aggressive dogs then there are chances that it can attack you. You should firmly stand in the ground and tell the dog to “go away” or “go home” in a calm voice.

2. You should never look directly in to the eyes of the dogs as the dogs interpret it as a challenge. If the dog makes a move toward you then you should keep the dog in your peripheral vision.

3. You should seem to be relaxed even if your heart is beating at a fast rate because the dogs are able to sense fear.

4. If you see the dog is going back then you should too start going back slowly but you should keep glancing at the move of the dog. If you notice that the dog is coming towards you again then you should stop and wait for some time until the dog start moving again.

5. If you are on a bicycle then you should dismount and stand with your bicycle between the dog and you. You should never try to run away from the dog on your bicycle because the dogs run faster than you are able to pedal your bicycle and it love to chase things that are moving. If you dismount your bike then hopefully it will lose interest as it does not have anything to chase.

6. To avoid getting bitten by a dog you should avoid to pet the stray dog or attempt to pet a dog that is either eating or sleeping.

7. If you are walking down the road and if a stray dog approaches you and start barking after seeing you then you should not turn your back on him.

8. If a stray dog comes near you and it is not aggressive then you should let it sniff you. You should avoid making any fast movements because the dog might interpret it as threatening. Most of the time the dog will just move on after it realizes that you are not a threat to him.

9. If you are being attacked by the stray dogs in Brazil then you should throw something on them like your purse or coat or whatever you are carrying with you at that time as it will distract him for a while and you can quickly get inside your car or get on the top of your parked car or get inside any nearby store.

Steps On Catching A Dog Without Harming It

Catching a dog on the loose without harming it can be a mountain to climb. Unfortunately, if you are the owner of the dog, your dog will run away at some point. Dogs have twice as many legs as the owner and therefore catching them safely is a technique that every dog owner should learn. Here are a number of steps that will show you how to catch a dog without harming it. If you do by chance harm the dog, you can use a resource like Any Dog Rescue to find an appropriate medication to help them recover.

The first step usually involves understanding the type of dog you are dealing with. For instance, a Chihuahua usually runs and gets tired after covering only a short distance. Such a dog can be caught by simply chasing it. It is therefore important to do some research and know which dogs are slow and which ones are fast.

The most important thing is to know what you shouldn’t do when catching the dog. Never scare a dog you are trying to catch. Avoid screaming at the dog, running too fast, grabbing it or cornering it as you will only annoy it. You should note that a dog that has run away is either afraid or don’t want to be near you and a wrong body language may make catching it difficult. You should therefore avoid such acts like patting your legs or walking towards the dog.

Speak to the dog. Speak calmly, firmly and clearly but never shout to the dog. Show the dog you are in control by speaking confidently. Ask it to stop. You should be aware that dogs are good in reading people’s emotions and if it recognizes any concern or nervousness in your voice, then it is not going to cooperate. Avoid terms such as “good boy”, instead be firm and use terms such as “Slow down” or “stop dog”.

Bring along the right tools. Nets can be a very good tool for catching a dog, but you should make sure it will not strangle the dog. It should have enough spaces to allow for breathing. Always have a leash and use the loop on one end in making a noose that you will use to catch the dog once it comes near you.

catching a dog in a net

Bribe the dog. This is the most important but tricky part. Here are some tips:

Have a bag of potato chips or dog biscuits and keep it inside your vehicle. The bag only needs to make a noise after you crinkle it.

Get out of the vehicle and watch your dog through the corner of your eyes. Avoid directly looking at the dog as you may scare it forcing it to run away.

Crinkle the bag and say loudly “Tum Tum, Nummy” as you pretend to be dropping food to the ground.

Kneel down and act like you are picking the food you have just dropped on the ground.

At this juncture, the pet will have stopped and will be keenly watching all what you are doing as you are no longer using the commanding “come here!” voice. Instead, you are using the “Tum Tum” or “Nummy” voices that a dog associates with food. In addition, you will be kneeling down as if you are only minding your own business and therefore you are not a threat. You are also not going to the dog. The dog will therefore come to you!

Eventually, gently grab the dog. When the right time comes, hold the dog at its collar, fat at the neck or extra fur. If it is a small dog, you can pick it up and gently hold it in your arms. Be extra careful not to hurt the dog. Take it home and if it’s not yours, find the owner and hand it over.

Become friends with the dog. Dogs were created to run and sometimes they run even without knowing they are doing it. Avoid making the experience unpleasant for the dog. Pet the dog and apologize for having to chase it. Dogs listen and understand. Hang out with it or simply go for a walk with it. You can also feed the dog with some dog’s biscuits and it will love you, even after all the painful experience.

Catching a dog without hurting it can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, it is dog’s nature to run away and sometimes get lost. However, the above discussed techniques will help any dog lover catch a dog without inflicting any harm on the lovely animal.